The versatility of a small Christmas tree

 A small Christmas tree sets the mood in any room

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without mini trees any more. They are a welcoming gesture next to the front door, the finishing touch to beautiful, festive table settings and with a small Christmas tree, you can create a Christmas ambiance in every room.

And this collection offers a wide selection for every style and budget. We have various pre-lit and decorated miniature trees for extra convenience.


Special items

Potted trees

The latest fashion in Christmas decorations! This tiny Christmas tree is already in a pot so it’s ready to use, including the lights. From modern to classic, this collection has it all. Available in sizes from 60 to 150 cm.

Fibre optic

The fibre optic lighting collection produces a special effect in your tree. The lighting is incorporated into the branches, creating a radiant display in your tree. And the decoration in this collection guarantees a very festive atmosphere. Available in 80, 120 and 240 cm.


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