An Everlands artificial Christmas tree looks just
like a real Christmas tree

Inspired by nature

You can hardly tell that the trees in the Everlands Christmas tree collection are not the real thing! In fact, you’ll see many of our series in the wild. The quality of the PVC and PE guarantees that a Christmas tree from the Everlands collection keeps its fresh look year in, year out.



The quality of an Everlands artificial Christmas tree:


Choose your favourite green, snowy or decorated Christmas tree from a collection of more than 200 artificial Christmas trees.


Everlands means convenience

Easy setup tree

All our trees are equipped with our easy setup innovation so it only takes minutes to put up your tree.

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Pre shaped branches

For even more convenience, go for a tree from our pre-shaped collection whose branches directly take on a lovely natural shape.


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A radiant Christmas tree with none of the trouble of stringing up lights

We also have an extensive range of pre-lit Christmas trees leaving you with even more time to decorate your tree.

Pre lit

 The lighting in an Everlands Christmas tree is made from energy-efficient and sustainable LED lights by the Lumineo brand.


For every style and budget

To make it easier for you, we have divided our collection into 3 segments:

Timeless Christmas

Our favourite:

Imperial Pine

The world’s best
Christmas trees

Our favourite:

Norway Spruce

Segment_Grandis Fir_.png

You can’t tell the difference 
from the real thing

Our favourite:

Grandis Fir

An artificial Christmas tree specially for outside

Create a festive ambiance outside with an outdoor tree by Everlands

Made from high-grade PVC for a truly natural look and outdoor conditions.