Frequently asked questions

Questions about the products

The assembly guide for your tree is included in the packaging.

Our website has several videos showing how to quickly unfold a tree and decorate it. The videos are all available on the inspiration page.

We recommend storing your tree in a box or storage bag after use for long-term protection.

Despite our stringent quality control, sometimes things go wrong with the tree’s lighting. Read the tips below first:

- Are the lights plugged into the socket correctly?
- Is the plug at the other end properly connected to the transformer?
- Is the plug connected to the transformer correctly? Please take a good look at the shape of the pins / holes.
- Check whether all the parts of the lighting cord are securely connected to each other. If the tree consists of several parts, the lighting also consists of several parts.
- Does your transformer have a timer? Adjust the timer and check whether the lighting works after the adjustment.

If it still doesn’t work, please get in touch with us using the contact form. Please include your guarantee registration number on the form.

All our products have been tested and comply with the general EU product safety standards for household use. Our artificial Christmas trees and greenery items comply with the European legislation on flammability (EN71-2). The NF trees comply with the NF S 54-200 standard (Conforme à la norme NF S 54-200).

NF is a quality label used in France for consumer goods.

Despite our stringent quality control, occasionally parts may be missing. During the guarantee period, we will supply a replacement part; if the article is no longer available, we shall replace it with a product of equivalent value. You can use the contact form to get in touch with us; please include your guarantee registration number on the form and send your receipt with it.

Our collection also features trees for outdoor use; that use is stated specifically on the packaging. If it is not printed anywhere on the package, the tree is not intended for outdoor use and is not weather-proof.

If you have an Easy setup tree, simply pull the branches down and then unfold the tree – it means you can set up a Christmas tree very quickly. A pre-shaped tree is already unfolded and ready shaped; you can start to decorate it within a few minutes.

If you have any questions about your tree, we recommend that you first go to the retailer where you purchased the tree. You can also check to see if your question is listed here. If you can’t find it, you can send your question to us using the contact form.

Questions about the guarantee

The standard guarantee on your tree is a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee. If you register your tree on our website within 2 months of its purchase, we will give another 10-year guarantee on it, making that a total of 12 years for the guarantee. Our outdoor collection has a 2-year guarantee.

The guarantee conditions are available on our website here.

The item number is printed on the outside of the packaging, near the bar code. A card with the item number was attached to the tree when you purchased it. The item number always contains 6 numbers, for example 689313.

The manufacturing date is printed on the top of the box (on the short side). Often, it also says KSD.

You can use the contact form to get in touch with us about this matter. Have you taken a note of your registration number? Please include it on the form; if you haven’t got it, then it is important to provide your email address. We will use those details to check whether your registration was completed successfully and then we can confirm it for you.

We are sorry to say that we cannot process your tree if you apply for the guarantee more than 2 months after its purchase.

You receive a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee on the tree and the integrated lighting. The lighting is not included in the additional 10-year guarantee.

The standard guarantee on your tree is a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee. If you don’t register your tree, you can only rely on the 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


We sell our tree collection through various retailers, both online and offline. We do not sell our products directly to consumers.

Our products are available from DIY stores, garden centres, (online) department stores and other retail outlets.

Are you missing a part, or is a part broken? You can send your question to us using the contact form.

If your question is not included here, or you have a complaint, please fill in the contact form.