Grandis Fir
Christmas tree

The most realistic artificial Christmas tree

A luxurious Christmas tree from our Everlands collection, that is known for its natural and full appearance. Available as a green, snowy and pre-lit tree.

The needles are a combination of PE and PVC, which gives the tree an extremely realistic appearance.

'Easy set-up' for extra
convenience and speed
when you put up your tree.

The branches of this tree
immediately take on a
natural shape.

How does the Grandis Christmas tree look in
your favourite style?




Tips and tricks for setting up your Grandis Fir:

How to put up your Grandis Fir

It just takes a few easy steps easy to put up your Grandis Fir Christmas tree.

Inspiration for your Christmas tree decorations

How to decorate your tree in a few steps We have tips and tricks for you.

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