BLOG: 3 ways to
decorate a garland

A garland is a fantastic Christmas accessory: you can lay it out or hang it up, on a table, up the stairs or round a fireplace. The great advantage of an artificial garland is that it will remain lovely and bushy and you won’t lose any needles while you are decorating.

Useful equipment for decorating a garland: florist wire, string, tie wraps, scissors and wire cutters.

From dining table to party table

Arranging a garland on a table makes a fantastic base for dining table decorations. It only takes a single Christmas arrangement to create lots of atmosphere at the table. Select a suitably sized garland by comparing it to the size of your table. If you go for an illuminated garland, it is better to choose quite a long version so that the Christmas lighting’s cord is less obvious; an even easier option is to use battery-operated lighting.

Add other sprays of Christmas greenery for more variation; they also work well as a base for other ornaments. If you prefer to keep a natural look, only add eucalyptus and micro-lighting to it.

From bottom to top garland decoration

Create a Christmas ambiance in your hall by winding a garland up the stairs; it’s a great way to welcome guests in very festive surroundings. If you choose a garland with lighting, make sure that the cord can easily reach the power socket while remaining hidden. Battery-operated Christmas lighting make life even easier. Next, start winding the garland around the staircase’s banisters or balustrade. Now, you have a great base to which you can fix all your ornaments.

The heart of the home

It’s easy to create an elegant arrangement around your fireplace with a garland too. A garland can of course be bent into all sorts of angles. First, decide whether you want to use any lighting, and if so, whether to use lighting that is cord or battery-operated, depending on the position of the fireplace. Remember that an illuminated garland looks particularly festive. Now you have the perfect base to which you can attach Christmas ornaments; if you use florist wire or tie wraps, you can be certain that everything will stay fixed in place. You can make an even bigger statement by tying a magnificent bow to each of the two ends. So, as you see, there are plenty of ways to decorate a garland .