How to decorate
a wreath

A wreath is the perfect ornament for a front door, window or wall to create a Christmas ambiance. An artificial wreath makes an excellent base; they can withstand a knock or two and have plenty of filling so that decorations can be attached to them among, or on top of, the foliage. Another great advantage is of course that they last forever and you can enjoy them year after year.

Useful equipment for decorating an artificial wreath: florist wire and wire cutters.

Step 1

Base: artificial wreath

Select a wreath from our natural collection, such as the Grandis Fir wreath, which can be used both indoors and outside. It’s ideal for hanging on a front door, too. This wreath is not extremely bushy, so you can combine it very well with other greenery sprays.


Step 2


Battery lights are ideal for attaching to a wreath, because there are no troublesome cords to hide away. Lots of artificial wreaths have a mount on the back nowadays so you can fix the battery case to it. Go for micro-lighting if you’re looking for a subtle effect, or compact lighting or basic lighting if you want more illumination. The closer the lights are, the more light they produce. Next, wind the lighting around the wreath.


Step 3

Additional greenery

Now you can add another kind of greenery to the base greenery. If you are using real eucalyptus, remember that it will eventually dry up and fall out. Artificial eucalyptus sprays are very practical, easy to cut to size and very flexible because they are made with wire. They are easy to attach, or you can add some extra florist wire to them. You can stick pieces of eucalyptus into the artificial wreath, dotting them around here and there.


Step 4

Extra details

To add the finishing touch, choose a pretty string or ribbon to hang up the wreath. A Christmas bauble with some pine cones hung as decoration in the centre of wreath makes a great eye-catcher. You can attach it to the string that you use to fix the wreath to the door or wall.