BLOG: Christmas trends 2023

Trendy Christmas decorations for 2023: get your home ready for the festive season with these Christmas trends! 

Christmas 2023 is just around the corner. The days are drawing in, the temperatures are dropping and Christmas decorations are in the shops again. Christmas is a time of love and cheer, a time for meeting up with friends and family to share and enjoy good food and drinks and to exchange gifts. And this year, once again, there are a number of new Christmas trends that you don’t want to miss! Here are the themes: Santa’s Bakery, Winter Morning and Fairy Forest. 

Santa’s bakery 


Ah, the scent of fresh coffee and the deliciously comforting smell of biscuits fresh out of the oven are wafting from the kitchen! This Christmas theme focuses on a traditional Christmas and the inspiration for many of the items comes from coffee, chocolate, biscuits and sweets. It’s full of Christmas traditions: decorating the Christmas tree together and getting your home ready for Christmas. All you need is love and Christmas cookies! Christmas decorations in this theme include transparent baubles featuring tiny cottages and canal-side houses, red and white knitted Christmas socks, candy sticks and all sorts of straw figures – they all look wonderful with this trend. The colourway for this Christmas theme consists of traditional Christmas colours like silver, white, red and brown. 

Winter morning


Who doesn’t love to wake up to breakfast in bed after a lovely, peaceful lie-in? It’s better still if you have enchanting views of a wonderful, snowy landscape reaching as far as the eye can see, where the frost-covered branches of the frozen trees glitter in the winter sun. Everything centres around snow and ice in this theme: there are illuminated items, ice-crystal figures and winter animals like foxes, bears and sheep. Christmas colours that go well with this Christmas theme are silver, pearl, pink, pale blue and dark blue. 

Fairy forest


Fairy Forest is all about Christmas adventures and fun, as if you are walking through an enchanted forest. Fairies buzz around your head and toadstools shoot out of the ground. How do you bring nature to life in your home? Use items that you find in the forest like woodland creatures, toadstools, leaves, moss, pine cones and old logs. Copper, brown, pale pink and several shades of green – real Christmassy colours – are part of this theme.