BLOG: Trends 2021

We’re all hoping that Christmas 2021 will be a Christmas where we can meet all our friends and family again.

If it is, Christmas will be even more important to us, and we will appreciate it much more. What are the most relevant colours and Christmas articles for 2021? Discover the latest trends here.

Made with love

Sweet home and handmade Christmas ornaments

The love of hand-made ornaments ‘Made with Love’ is key to this traditional Christmas trend. A symbolic heart features frequently as a real must-have in a variety of Christmas articles as well as tiny ornamental houses, gnomes and gift-wrapping accessories so you can present your gifts in gorgeous parcels. The most relevant Christmas colours for this trend are: Christmas red, blush pink, winter white, silver and camel brown.

Winter Joy

Snow has fallen, but inside it’s all warm and cosy

Cosiness is the central theme in this trend: making snowmen with your friends outside and then quickly warming up again inside with a lovely big mug of hot chocolate. The fireplace is adorned with Christmas stockings filled with presents; this style is enormous fun to create both indoors and outdoors. Must-haves include figurines shaped like snowmen and that friendly family dog, the labradoodle. The outdoor accessories include winter bird feeders so the birds have somewhere welcoming to shelter too. The key colours for this trend are: white ice lacquer, silver, blue dawn, night blue and amber.

Christmas Classics

Treasure the classics

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a classic trend, a trend in which the colours pearl, sage green, pine green, Christmas red, oxblood and light gold set the tone. What really makes this Christmas a real Christmas is an enormous tree as the showpiece in the living room, generously decorated with glass baubles, bunches of baubles, chains of beads and lots of vintage objects. This year, the rocking horse is the star, a must-have that you really can’t miss among your other collectables.