BLOG: Trends 2021

We’re all hoping that Christmas 2021 will be a Christmas where we can meet all our friends and family again.

If it is, Christmas will be even more important to us, and we will appreciate it much more. What are the most relevant colours and Christmas articles for 2021? Discover the latest trends here.

Made with love

Sweet home and handmade Christmas ornaments

The hunt for a suitable Christmas tree commences in December each year. While this is usually great fun, it nevertheless takes a great deal of effort to drag a big Christmas tree back home. You can therefore make things easier for yourself by opting for an artificial Christmas tree!

Winter Joy

Snow has fallen, but inside it’s all warm and cosy

Artificial Christmas trees are much lighter than real ones, and therefore easier to move around. It takes no time at all to remove them from storage in the attic or basement either. Anyone can assemble an Everlands artificial Christmas tree at the drop of a hat. This means you can start decorating your Christmas tree almost immediately!

Christmas Classics

Treasure the classics

An artificial Christmas tree retains its appeal for literally decades, while the fact that it does not shed needles saves you time on tidying up. As an artificial Christmas tree can last for decades furthermore, it continues to save you money each year.