BLOG: 3 tips Christmas decorations on the door

3 tips for Christmas decorations on and around your front door: a warm welcome

Christmas decorations on your door will be the first thing your visitors see when they ring the doorbell. It will make them feel welcome and it shows that you are already in a festive mood. But how do you decorate your front door? Well, Everlands can help you with that.

1. A Christmas wreath

A Christmas wreath is very traditional and always looks good. Decorate your wreath with Christmas baubles, ribbons and other ornaments and then, to add a stylish flourish, finish it off with Christmas lighting, such as micro lights.

Here are some more tips for Christmas wreath decoration: Artificial wreath decoration: tips & tricks | Everlands artificial Christmas wreaths (

2. Garlands

Christmas garlands are very popular decorations as well. You can drape a Christmas garland over your front door and decorate it with Christmas lighting, Christmas baubles and other ornaments.

3. Miniature trees

There are countless options for Christmas decorations on, and around, your front door. How about miniature trees in planters – one each side of the door, perhaps? You can decorate those little trees too, and they will look even more Christmassy with Christmas lighting. Everlands has lots of Christmas tree series, with miniature trees as well as the full-sized ones. Use them to create a stylish Christmas, inside and out.

You can read more about mini Christmas trees here: Mini trees ( You can create a real eye-catcher for your front door with these tips and ideas. Fire up your imagination and create your own, unique front-door decorations! Let’s get started!