BLOG: Christmas decorations for an atmospheric windowsill

Christmas ornaments for a cheerful, festive windowsill

Don’t forget to decorate your windowsill. With a little creativity, you can turn your windowsill into a true Christmas eye-catcher. Everlands will help you get started with a few ideas for creative Christmas decorations for your windowsill.

An illuminated garland is an easy way to brighten up your windowsill as it adds lots of charm. You can put a garland with just the lights in your window or you can decorate it with Christmas baubles and other Christmas ornaments too.

A mini Christmas tree is another way to decorate your windowsill with a fun, cosy touch. Mini Christmas trees are available in a range of varieties and sizes, so there’s always one that will suit your tastes and decor. There are lots of different ways to decorate a mini Christmas tree, almost as many as for a full-sized Christmas tree.

Place a Christmas wreath in the window to add more charm to your windowsill. Hang the wreath on a pretty ribbon with a bow in it and wrap micro lights around it. The cord of the lights can be hidden away in the ribbon, or go for battery-operated lights, as the batteries are easy to hide in the wreath itself.

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