BLOG: Trends 2022

What first springs to mind when you think of Christmas?

The majority of people directly get a sense of togetherness and snugness, but above all of Christmas decorations of course. What is Christmas without splendid decorations and a Christmas tree, after all? Read more about the latest Christmas trends for 2022 here, as you really don’t want to miss them! To start off, we have chosen three themes that represent the trends for 2022. These are the following: So This is Christmas, Christmas Naturals, and La Vie en Rose.

So This is Christmas

So This is Christmas evokes a warm feeling that revolves around the traditional and vintage looks, while also introducing a combination of trendy colours. Think of that snug moment, while you warm up around the Christmas tree on returning from a bracing stroll in the snow. This Christmas trend also embraces the theme of travel, represented by pretty decorations in the form of means of transport to hang in the tree. Such as the hot air balloon, which is available in numerous types and sizes, offering you complete freedom to display it as you choose. This theme’s colour palette comprises dark green, light gold and pearl.

Christmas Naturals

Christmas Naturals is a pure and natural theme, featuring pastel colours and natural products. It also conveys a warm sense of Christmas, however. The trend in this case is the use of natural materials to maintain a tranquil look. Think illuminated wooden figures, as well as ceramic baubles. The hues applied to create a luxurious, tranquil yet trendy Christmas are wool white, butterscotch, walnut and silver.

La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose emphasises the romantic side of Christmas. Its sense of romance and Bridgerton influences are entirely in keeping with the 2022 Christmas trends. An artistic selection of shades of winter white, pearl, velvet pink and blush pink enable one to create that nostalgic and luxurious look. It is complemented by the most splendid floral designs, and festively decorated baubles for the tree. This is also the means of decorating a stunning dining table for Christmas dinner, which is the moment suprême of course!